Supporting the Marines and Sailors of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit

The 11th MEU Association is supporting the families of the 11th MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit. Each year we raise funds for Child Care, provide food items, clothing for the children and family members. The Yorba Linda, CA 11th MEU Association was estabilshed in 2015

How to get involved and how to donate


Yorba Linda 11th MEU Association

There are many opportunities to get involved and donate to the Yorba Linda 11th MEU Association. The Yorba Linda 11th MEU Association provides a variety of items to the Marines and Sailors and their families, ranging from baby gift baskets for expectant mothers, welcome home bags for deployed Marines and Sailors, furniture, food and other items that support the families. We encourage any and all money donations to use our pay pal link below. If you would like to donate baby items to create a baby gift basket, cookies, visit an injured Marine or write a letter to a Marine please feel free to reach out to us via phone number or email. Last but not least  if you would like to volunteer your time at an upcoming event, the Yorba Linda 11th MEU Association welcomes your support. Thank you for your participation in the Yorba Linda 11th MEU and supporting our military members.

Welcome Home Donations:

Personal Hygiene: Shampoo/conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, dental floss, mouthwash, disposable razors, shaving cream, body wash/soap, deodorant, baby wipes, Q-tips, etc..

Snacks: mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, corn nuts, popcorn, pretzels, beef jerky, trail mix, cookies, Chex-mix, granola bars, cup of noodles, microwaveable Mac N Cheese, etc…

Misc: shower curtain, bath towel, small box of detergent

Family Donations Items:

• Baskets laundry or wicker/straw

• Onsies

• Pacifiers

• Bottles

• Swaddle blankets

• Bath towels

• Blankets

• Burp Cloths

• A & D ointment

• Baby wipes

• Diapers (any size)

• Receiving blanket

• Books

• Socks