Throughout the year, the 11th MEU Adoption Committee provides a variety of events and services for our Marines, Sailors, and their families.  We sponsor holiday parties with gifts for the children, and pancake breakfasts and barbecues for single Marines and Corpsmen.  We put together "Welcome Home" bags for the first few days when single service members return from deployment, and gift baskets of essential to welcome all new babies.  We organize activities for families when the MEU is deployed, such as craft events, picnics, fishing outings, a visit to Sea World, and so many other activities.   If you would like to help, there are several ways to be involved.



     Join The Committee

     Volunteer In-Kind

     Attend Or Support A Specific Event

     Write A Letter


     Baby Items

     Welcome Home Bags

     CARE Items For Deployed






The Yorba Linda 11th MEU Adoption Committee has a few sub-committees that plan and coordinate the various activities and events necessary for the success of our mission. Perhaps you could find the time to help in one of these areas occasionally.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Connect with residents, create sponsorships, cultivate relationships with businesses, organizations, and individuals.

FUNDRAISING - Help organize efforts to raise funds and/or donations for specific events or campaigns; promote and manage Go-Fund-Me campaigns when needed.

MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS - Communicate Committee efforts with the Press and local communities.

SPECIAL EVENTS - Help plan and coordinate Committee programs, including baby baskets, diaper drives, family days, Easter Egg hunt, barracks prep, Thanksgiving, BBQs, holiday parties, and other social events.


Contributions of goods or services allows the Committee to reserve scarce funds for other elements of our mission.  We are very grateful for any goods or in-kind contributions, such as:


Graphic Design                          


Food & Beverages                           

• Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins            

• Items For Raffle Prizes       

• Party Decorations

• Accounting Services

• Rental Equipment  

• DJ Services & Equipment

• Theme Park Tickets

• The Committee is open for any other donations of products or in-kind contributions


To serve our MEU, the Committee plans many events and activities throughout the year. Please consider participating in one or more, as volunteers are always in short supply. The varied elements of the MEU change every twelve months, so there is an ongoing need.

Annually, we deliver "Welcome Home" bags and prep the barracks for the return of the deployed members; host a December Holiday Party; and organize BBQs and pancake breakfasts for single service members. Throughout the year, we deliver baby baskets.

Come to one of our carwashes, donate a toy, buy a raffle ticket, or support one of our restaurant fundraisers.  Adults-only dinner cruises and our formal Halfway Home Gala are very fun and popular events.


Members of the military, especially the younger members, are excited to receive mail.  For some, the military experience is their first extended time away from home and family.  Mail is especially welcomed during deployment.  We will receive the MEU's mailing addresses shortly before they depart and will post them here. (The 2568-member MEU will be aboard three ships.)  If you write to them, please be mindful that the MEU has male and female personnel.


The 11th MEU Adoption Committee donates a wonderful gift basket with baby essentials to all new MEU parents. Any donations from the community are welcomed, whether complete baskets or any of the items listed below.  If you would like to support our baby basket program with a financial donation, please make a note on your check.

We can arrange to pick up any items that you wish to donate.  Please send us a note and specify a date and time that is convenient for you.  YL11MeuAdoption@gmail.com


Items requested for "Welcome Baby" Baskets

• Wipes

• Bottles

• Onesies

• Strollers

• Blankets

• Pacifiers

• Burp cloths

• Baby shampoo

• Diapers, any size

• Hooded bath towels

• Desitin-type ointment

• Socks, booties, shoes

• Sturdy laundry baskets


Many of our MEU members will return from their 6- or 7-months deployment to an empty barracks.  We try to give them a helping hand by providing "Welcome Home" barracks bags, which we put in their rooms.

Items suggested for Barracks Bags

Personal Care Products

• Toilet paper

• Deodorant

• Dental floss

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Mouthwash

• Shaving cream

• Disposable razors

• Bath towel/wash cloth

• Body wash/shampoo/3-in-1

• Small box of detergent/soap pods

Dry Snack Food & Drinks

• Nuts

• Jerky

• Chips

• Cookies

• Pretzels

• Trail mix

• Popcorn

• Granola/protein bars

• Cup-O-Noodles/Mac & Cheese

• Single serve powdered drinks

• A Welcome Home note would really be a treat!

Many people are hesitant to be out and about during these times, so we are happy to pick up any items you would like to donate.  Please send us a note at YL11MeuAdoption@gmail.com and specify a date and time that is convenient for you.  We will accept curb-side pick up, too!  

If you would like to make a financial donation for these supplies, please make a note on your check.


Did you know that "CARE package" is a trademarked term?  It is owned by the humanitarian organization The Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere. The organization was founded just after World War 2 to send food, clothing, and other supplies to war-torn countries.  The packages they sent (sometimes by the plane load) had C.A.R.E. printed on them.  The name has changed to CARE International, but their mission is much the same today as it was in 1945.  

The11th MEU departed Camp Pendleton in early August, and is scheduled to return in February 2022.  The Adoption Committee intends to send at least one round of personal essentials and gifts to 100+ MEU members to arrive in December.  We will begin assembling parcels in early October, but will gladly pick up any donations before then.  Your support through in-kind or monetary donations would help tremendously!    


If you would like to make a financial contribution for these supplies, please make a note on your check.




If you would like to send a financial contribution, please make your check or money order to:

YL 11th MEU Adoption Committee

Mailing Address

YL-11th MEU Adoption Committee, Inc.

P.O. Box 354

Yorba Linda, CA 92885

Give the Gift of Groceries with a Commissary Gift Card

Donating Commissary Gift Cards is a quick and safe way to assist single MEU personnel and young families.

Camp Pendleton's modern MCX outlets are stocked with a broad selection of brand name grocery and food items, as well as health, hygiende, and household needs.  Gift cards give the recipients the flexibility to choose what goes into their carts.

Anyone can order $25 or $50 Commissary Gift Cards with just the click of a button here and have them mailed directly to the Adoption Committee.

The Adoption Committee will be helping some young families with Commissary Gift Cards at Thanksgiving.  Please let us know if you would like to have your Gift Card(s) used for this purpose.

Yorba Linda-11th MEU Adoption Committee